2011 Ford E-250

2011 Ford E-250
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Z Life

           Cars have always grabbed my attention, Since i was a child and my father owned his mechanic shop. So you can say dealing with cars is in my blood. But few cars I have a passion for as i do for the Z line. I have driven my fair shares of Z's in the past couple years from the basic DE,HR, and Nismo models . It's funny cause if you asked me i still don't have a favorite. I think there all cars worthy of some good drive time on and off the track. They  slide better than any other car i have ever drifted and when needed to be the Z outperforms.  When the weekend comes and the weather is looking good, I pull the roadster out from her cave and go out to town with the top down as everyone breaks neck on how clean the car looks cruising down the highway. Fast cars look better going slow anyways, They let the character of the car be shown to the people as you cruise on by them and they wonder why there still driving there four door sedan on a Friday night. Sunday fun-days are soooo much more fun when were driving down to the keys top down racing to Beat the sunset as it sets down on the last key. So yea when you purchase a Z from me, Its just not any average sale. Your getting to purchase an extension of me, A project that i' have  put blood,Sweat and countless hours of hard work into something that i feel proud of. I have all types of Z's on and off my lot. I have refurbished ,DIY projects,Drift Missles, Daily Drivers, And your weekend car that only goes out for that special date,Dinner and show, But Do not  be surprised if you catch your Valet Parker doing donuts in the back of the parking lot, It's not his fault your car was begging for it.

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